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Gazette magazines can help you attract 90% of your customers who live locally to your business.

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So why pay to attract the 10% outside your area?

Good value for money for one business is not for another, so you must judge this yourself.

The steady growth of gazette magazines over 16 years as a successful, independent magazine publisher is a testament to the magazines’ effectiveness, in part due to its repeat custom.

What’s in it for you?

Top Five:

Consistency: We publish monthly. Over two months, we cover four separate areas, two different magazines each month—six issues of each magazine, 24 issues in total.  With other magazines, it is one magazine, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Affordability: We offer display advertising as well as classified advertising. You can be in one magazine a month or any combination you wish.  With other magazines, it is all or nothing.

Honesty and Support: We are regularly thanked and complimented on the helpful advice we offer on a wide range of marketing issues, not just advertising. We are delighted to share our experience if it helps improve your business – and currently, that’s FREE!  Sue, the owner and the one you will talk with when you call, no pushy sales personnel—just one small business owner to another.

The Gazette doesn’t just sell you the space: We often offer some extra space to tell a bit more about your business, stock, special features, etc. In addition, we try hard to help and promote you to our readers, so if that will work for you – then it works for us. Win-win.

Used and Read: The magazines are read and used. We offer 50% editorial/listings to 50% advertising.  Often heavier on the editorial.  These percentages give any display advertising a high chance of visibility.  The readers will linger on the pages and notice your offerings.

Equally as important:

Local means LOCAL: Each edition of the Gazette includes listings with relevant clubs and classes and guides to those specific areas, keeping the magazine relevant and essential to the reader—no wasted budget on wasted advertising.

Professional Graphic Design: The Gazette will take time and effort to ensure your advert is correct. You are getting the right message out to the reader.  NB: it’s “sell not tell” with advertising.

Editorial Features: 250 words and a couple of pictures can effectively give your business credibility.  We offer free editorial on quite a few of our advertising packages.  Just ask how you can build this into your advertising campaign.

Fewer Competitors: We don’t usually have more than three of any one business type per issue, and we don’t always put you all together, as we try and rotate the sections around the whole magazine when we can.

Easy to keep: The magazines are A5 in size and will fit neatly into a handbag, briefcase, or sit nicely on the coffee table. Large-sized magazines and newspapers are often tidied away and recycled very quickly.

Little known extra service

Leaflet Inserts: We don’t push this service, but we offer a design, print, and deliver service for leaflets—Minimum 2000 up to 14000 with the magazines.  Or we can have your already designed flyer printed and delivered to your premises for your distribution, all at very competitive rates.


Suppose you like what you have read and you maybe have more confidence to use our services then get in touch with Sue when you are ready, mark the deadline every month the 23rd  in your diary to remind you.

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Suppose you prefer a face-to-face meeting; we can do that via Zoom/Facetime/or an actual appointment at your convenience.