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Frequently asked questions

Why should I advertise with gazette magazines?

Simple, we cover the West end of Aberdeen with four bi-monthly publications.  It is the perfect vehicle to drive your business in front of a local audience.  Two separate areas each month.

How are the magazines delivered?

Our delivery team hand deliver to the houses in their area every month.  Four different parts of the city are covered in total over two months.  Our longest-serving delivery person has been with us for 11 years!

How much is the advertising?

Advertising costs vary from customer to customer, and we offer something to suit every budget. However, we always recommend that you spread your budget to cover as many issues as possible, ensuring you will maximise your return.

Can I advertise for one issue only?

Of course, you can. However, we would only recommend this for a time-sensitive event you are advertising. For any other business, we would, as above, recommend booking at least for three issues (six months) so your advert builds up recognition and, in turn, brings in new customers.

I don't have an advert, can you help?

If you book a six-issue package, we can sort an advert for you for free. For anything else, there is a small fixed charge of £30 for a simple advert. Any additional time is charged at £15 per hour.

When are the magazine deadlines, and when are they delivered?

The deadlines are 15th of the month before print. Should this fall on a bank holiday or weekend, we go for the next “working” day—delivery starts on the 28th of the month.

Are there incentives for longer bookings and multiple magazines?

Yes. There is a 10% discount for booking 3+ issues and a 15% discount for 6+ issues. So booking all four magazines for six issues of each can give you a 30% discount.

Is it possible to have some editorial?

We can and do offer editorial space as an incentive for booking six issues on a half or full page (matching space). Still, we can also create a bespoke package for you if you’d like a bigger advert for one or two issues and follow it on with a smaller advert to give you the extra space.

What are the payment options?

We like to send you an invoice.  For first-time advertisers, we ask for payment by return.  For subsequent invoicing, we allow ten working days. We encourage multiple issues and these are available to pay monthly by direct debit. Alternatively you can pay upfront by BACS or credit/debit card.

Can I change my advert?

When you book, you buy the blank space in the magazine, and the content of the space can be changed as often as you wish.  Our only request is that all new content is received before the publication deadline of the 15th.

Are you hiring?

We have a small waiting list to be part of our delivery team, but there are usually a few routes up for grabs after the summer break.

What if I want to cancel?

We would offer a credit note to be used in the future rather than a refund of money. However, we would review each cancellation on an individual basis.

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