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Gazette Magazines editorial with adverts

Get noticed quickly

You can choose a few options to enhance your series of adverts and get you noticed quickly.

1. Take out a half-page or full-page advert which can complement my regular articles. Articles to pick from are Home – Garden – Cooking – Health – Products – Celebrity – Tech – Motoring, to name a few.

2. Pay for your advertorial.  This is where you write about your business to enhance a new treatment/product you want to offer a discount on or informative about.  Booking a half-page or full-page advert package allows you this opportunity for free matching like-for-like space.

3. Feature – this is where you share your EXPERTISE.  You will be given a half-page or full-page to share knowledge with our readers.  This will be offered at 40% off the regular price but must be 70% of interest to the reader and only 30% self-promotion.

If you would like to discuss an idea further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I’d love to hear about your new products, services or some sound advice on sleeping better, the benefits of employing a cleaner, the difference between hiring a carpenter or a joiner or some simple tips you can offer the readers to make life simpler.